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Ian is selling his whole life home, car and even job on eBay, blaming it on his wife.
26-04-2015 by Other - Leave a Comment

But is it just a ploy to make him a millionaire?
By Barbara Davies

On paper, at least, Ian Usher's life sounds pretty close to perfect.
The 44-year-old Briton, who emigrated to Perth in Western Australia six years ago, describes it thus: "I live in a nice house in a beautiful area of a fantastic city, in one of the most amazing countries in the world. I have a car, a motorbike, a jet ski, spa and much more.

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Accusations of racism a little lost in translation
26-11-2012 by Daily Telegraph - Leave a Comment

Okay we had another terrible event where some racist f*cker rants on a public bus at French women. Gotta hate it when the 'staff writer' of a somewhat busy newspaper tells us all off or makes an opinion about nothing they understand. Put your name to it, I dare you.  
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Turning the thief into a pokies martyr
14-07-2012 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

A lady rips off her two employees to the tune of $800,000.00 and the anti-pokie crowd use this now convicted thief as an example to the dangers of pokie machines. Now that in itself is pretty shonky!  
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US finance chief recommended Libor reforms
14-07-2012 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

How the heck is this news? Is it really news that some American 'recommended change' that nobody listened or paid attention to? The fact is banks manipulated their cash rates and got into trouble. This particular news is the 'I told you so' of finance. Helpful..? Not.  
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Muckraking at its finest
24-05-2012 by Daily Telegraph - Leave a Comment

The Daily Telegraph presents a photo of John Travolta dressed up as a woman to attend a party 15 years ago to infer this is further evidence towards the sexuality of Mr Travolta. Sickening a major news outlet would stoop so low really!  
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Facebook used as terrorist tool - expert
23-05-2012 by Herald sun - Leave a Comment

You know things are pretty bad when a so-called 'ex-spurt' rattles on about possible scenarios as a statement of fact, throws around names like Anders Brevic and blames facebook for all the evils of terrorism. One wonders who is paying dills like this to put out shonky made-up stories to tackle an otherwise extremely serious problem. Even worse is the Herald-sun for giving an ex-spurt like this any space when we know this so-called 'problem' will be referred-to in the next anti-terrorist meeting and millions will be thrown at it to help solve this likely non-existent problem. It seems everyone's a terrorist these days. Tell you what, give me the millions and I will solve this 'problem' overnight.  
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When you see news from the business side of things
20-05-2012 by Shonky News - Leave a Comment

It's too easy to get sued when you write real news because news nearly always upsets at least one of the players and often brings about legal threats. When you rely on providing news to make money then it boils down to reporting on the things you won't get sued over.
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Italys dog and cat tax muzzled after uproar
19-05-2012 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

Here's a story to help you hate the taxman even more. On Friday morning somebody suggested Italy tax pet owners but the idea was dropped by Friday night. Big news that!  
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Liberals at war - the big headline said...
11-05-2012 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

the front page link subheadline said - "Joe Hockey lays down the law to Michael Kroger after the former Liberal party powerbroker launched an explosive attack on Peter Costello." Here is another hyped-up news story of insignificant proportion making its way round mainstream media. The ABC story has plenty to say about 2 Liberal has-beens, Kroger and Costello and very little about Hockey except for one line - "Earlier, cameras caught Mr Kroger and shadow treasurer Joe Hockey having what appeared to be an animated discussion after crossing paths at a Melbourne radio studio". - hang on, did that say "appeared to be an animated discussion"?. Describing any of these Liberal hoo-hahs as "at war" certainly demeans the term and drops the intelligence levels of us all.  
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How many people were in court today for sentence conditions breach?
10-05-2012 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

Here's an ABC News story singling out Indigenous actor David Gulpilil for appearing in the Darwin Magistrates Court this morning.  
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